Who we are

About Save Children Community

We believe that every orphan has the right to a happy

Who we are

Throughout the world, the scale of orphan suffering runs into the millions. In countries where the social infrastructure is challenging, it’s all too easy for the plight of those living in poverty to drop beneath the radar.

We’re an organisation, supporting over 21,000 orphans and their families in 15 countries. We support those who cannot provide for themselves, delivering sustainable, long-term solutions to those in need. We offer regular food parcels, cover fees for education.

Our mission

We aim to give widows and orphans who have suffered a loss the chance to take back control and rebuild their lives. We do this by providing regular and consistent support to those living in need.


  • support orphans whilst they learn new skills and create opportunities for their future
  • alleviate stress and hunger, allowing the recently widowed to focus on finding a substantial income


We have assisted orphanages in many countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Central America, providing aid such as food, clothing and school supplies for hundreds of orphaned children. And in doing so, we also provide them with hope and the opportunity to reach their own goals and live fulfilling lives.

  • We are accountable for all our actions to our donors and beneficiaries
  • We are open and transparent in all our activities