School Uniforms & Equipment

Every Child Deserves an Education

Buying the new uniform, making sure those shoes are shiny for that all important first day and negotiating the hazards of the school run.

What is it about

It might seem stressful but our children are lucky to have access to a good education and that we’re there to worry about them.

For many orphan children, having access to any education can be a very real struggle and being prepared for a new school year is an impossibility.

Take Pakistan for instance. In some rural areas the literacy rate, especially for young girls can be as low as 8% as they’re sent out to work at an early age to support their families and themselves. What chance do these children have to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential if they’re not given the opportunity to expand their knowledge?

This school year, give an orphan what they need to succeed

At Orphans in Need we feel that education is a right, not a privilege. We want the orphan children we support to become the doctors, dentists and architects of tomorrow.

We ask you to join with us and give these children the equipment that we take for granted. For just a few dollars, you will ensure that our children will receive books, uniforms, stationery and a school bag to put it all in.