Refugee Education Crisis Looming in Uganda

With nearly one million refugees expected to have crossed the border from South Sudan to Uganda by the end of this month, Save the Children is calling for education to be put at the centre of a make-or-break summit this week.

Almost three quarters of a million refugees – more than half of them children – have arrived in Uganda since fighting escalated last July.

The organisation warns that many children – some as young as 11 – are making the journey alone, having fled from their homes or villages due to insecurity and violence.

Bidi Bidi, now reportedly the largest refugee camp in the world, houses approximately 270,000 people, most of whom are living in tarpaulin homes and relying on help provided by the Ugandan government and aid organisations to survive.

The summit – organised by the Government of Uganda, and attended by the UN Secretary General, development ministers, and NGOs – aims to raise critical funds for the response so it can continue providing nearly 1.3 million refugees with basic services, including education. The response is currently only 17% funded.