Orphans’ Village

Save Children Orphans’ Village

Our flagship project that delivers not only high quality care and facilities, but gives our orphaned children the best opportunities for a brighter future through education and skills.

What do we offer ?

Hundreds of orphans who have lost their parents have accommodation.

22 houses have been built, which will each accommodate 12 orphans and a widow.

Each child is clothed, educated to the highest standards and fed healthy, nutritious meals.

Special needs will be accommodated, including disabilities.

Medical treatment and counselling is available.

Our fully trained staff and volunteers care for our children in a family-orientated environment. Homeless widows are to be employed as live-in mothers.

Committing to the future

We put education at the heart of many of our projects and our orphan village is no different. Our aim is to provide a first class education to every child in our care, filling them with knowledge and creating the confidence and skills for them to flourish in the wider world. Long term, our children will grow up to make huge contributions to society and contribute to their nation’s prosperity.

Health and nutrition is another key area we focus on. We know that children who have been brought up on a nutritious diet thrive in later life, so we make sure that they receive regular fresh and healthy meals.