Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship Programme

Orphan sponsorship is a vital lifeline for many vulnerable young children.


All over the world there are children who do not have the loving support of a family. Children whose only shelter is a piece of plastic sheeting or a cardboard box, living day to day with the risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Our Orphan sponsorship programme changes the lives of children in some of the most deprived communities in the world. With your help we can ensure that they receive an education, food, healthcare, medical support and the loving care that any child needs. These are the basics that millions of children are deprived of and where your contributions mean that they are looked after and given hope for the future.

We currently support nearly 21,000 children in 15 countries around the world including Bangladesh, Gambia, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Palestine and Sri Lanka. We aim to welcome many more into our family, but we can’t do anything without your support.

Sponsor an Orphan and you will receive a sponsorship welcome kit containing:

Photo of your child    •     Child details    •     Family background   •     Education details

Every year we will receive a detailed report on the child’s education, their progress and a hand written letter from the child. If you wish to write to your sponsored child, we’ll make sure it is delivered to them. We can even organise visitation rights so you can meet the child face to face. This bond between you and the orphan is vital and the child will feel happy to connect with the donor that is making their life so much better.